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Spartacist (édition française) 43

La lutte pour le léninisme sur la question nationale

Spartacist (English edition) No. 65

The Fight for Leninism on the National Question

Spartacist (edición en español) No. 40

La lucha por el leninismo sobre la cuestión nacional

Spartacist (deutsche Ausgabe) Nr. 31

Der Kampf für Leninismus über die nationale Frage


Workers Vanguard No. 1134

18 May 2018
The closing date for news in this issue is 15 May.

Workers Vanguard

Down With U.S. Imperialist Support for Israel!

Zionist Killing Fields in Gaza

MAY 15—On the eve of the 70th anniversary of the founding of Israel, known to the Palestinians as the Nakba, or Catastrophe, the Zionist military machine celebrated its supremacy over the besieged Palestinian people in Gaza, killing more than 60 yesterday alone. Since March 30, when the Great March of Return protests began, over 100 Palestinians have been massacred and well over 12,000 wounded, many maimed for life. In a symbolic demonstration to mark their right to return to the land from which they were expelled, masses of protesters gathered near the border in Gaza and were pummeled with high-velocity bullets from Israeli soldiers on the other side. As drones dropped tear gas to suffocate the crowd, snipers shot scores of protesters in their legs for the crime of walking on their own land.

In Gaza, almost two million Palestinians are encaged by Israel and Egypt, surrounded by barbed wire, armed towers and the Mediterranean Sea. The vast majority of the population is made up of refugees and their descendants, driven from their homes during the 1948 war. For over a decade, they have been subjected to a crippling economic blockade and a constant military siege. Israel’s 2014 assault, backed by the Obama White House, killed over 2,000 and left the territory in rubble. With Gaza’s health care system in a state of collapse and the population banned from leaving for outside medical treatment, Palestinians have few options for survival let alone rehabilitation. Many gunshot victims are being treated by severing limbs, creating a new generation of amputees. One man captured the despair in the face of Israel’s all-sided savagery: “We’re dying slowly in Gaza anyway. It is better to die on the fence in an attempt to be free” (, 14 May).

Some 60 miles away from the Gaza concentration camp, the streets of Jerusalem were lined with American and Israeli flags as a new U.S. embassy was baptized in gold. The moving of the embassy was not only a big middle finger to the Palestinians, who have long considered East Jerusalem their capital and a symbol of their national identity; it epitomizes the reactionary fraternity between President Trump and Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has furthered the brutal occupation of the West Bank, expanding Jewish settlements and displacing Palestinians. In a provocation that was both galling and deranged, the prayers drowning out any peep of protest were led by pro-Trump Christian-Zionist pastor Robert Jeffress, notorious for condemning Jews as well as Muslims, Mormons and gay people to hell. (read on)

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About the ICL

V.I. LeninLeon TrotskyThe International Communist League (Fourth Internationalist) is a proletarian, revolutionary and internationalist tendency committed to the task of building Leninist parties as national sections of a democratic-centralist international. Our aim is the achievement of new October Revolutions—nothing else, nothing other, nothing less. The ICL bases itself on Marxist historical, dialectical materialism and seeks in particular to carry forward the international working-class perspectives of Marxism developed in the theory and practice of the Bolshevik leaders V. I. Lenin and L. D. Trotsky and embodied in the decisions of the first four Congresses of the Communist International as well as key documents of the Fourth International such as the Transitional Program (1938) and "War and the Fourth International" (1934). We also look to James P. Cannon, a leader of the early American Communist Party who was won to Trotskyism and went on to become a principal founder of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP), working in close collaboration with Leon Trotsky. The origins of the ICL are in the Spartacist League/U.S., which began as the Revolutionary Tendency in the SWP and was bureaucratically expelled in 1963. Our ICL "Declaration of Principles and Some Elements of Program" was modeled on the Declaration of Principles adopted at the 1966 founding conference of the SL/U.S.

Adopted at the Third International Conference of the ICL in early 1998, the declaration presently exists in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, German, Russian, Polish, Italian, Turkish, Indonesian, Greek, Korean and Tagalog. In this post-Soviet period, marked by a deep regression of proletarian consciousness, we continue to be guided by Trotsky's statement that "the task of the vanguard is above all not to let itself be carried along by the backward flow; it must swim against the current." Reforge the Fourth International, world party of socialist revolution!