For over a week, there has been a constant barrage of royalist propaganda. The slightest signs of dissent have been repressed. Enough! As leaders of the world converge on London to commemorate the life and reign of Elizabeth II, it is necessary to take a stand and show that not all bow before the monarchy.

We call on all socialists and anti-monarchists to protest alongside us on Monday 19 September, at 1 pm, in Windrush Square, Brixton. Any opponent of this anti-democratic, feudal relic is welcome.

This protest is called by the Spartacist League; as communists, we oppose the monarchy as part of our opposition to the entire ruling class of this country. On this day, we remember the victims of British imperialism during the reign of Elizabeth II: Northern Ireland, Kenya, Malaysia, Iraq, Afghanistan and so many more.

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Spartacist League
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