The Spartakist-Arbeiterpartei Deutschlands distributed the following motion to delegates at the Die Linke Congress held in Erfurt, June 24 to 26. Despite the motion attracting broad attention, no delegate—not even the so-called revolutionaries—supported the proposal to drive the open supporters of German imperialism out of Die Linke.

In the context of the Ukraine war, the German capitalists want to suppress any opposition to NATO, no matter how meek. In the slipstream of the bourgeoisie, the open bootlickers of the EU and NATO in Die Linke—such as Gysi and Ramelow—are on the offensive: they are fighting to get rid of anyone who is unwilling to fall into line and swear eternal loyalty to the EU and NATO.

So far in Die Linke, what has been the answer to this offensive by the open EU/NATO supporters? Whether it’s Wagenknecht or currents such as the Anti-Capitalist Left and Socialist Left, they are all avoiding struggle and trying to maintain unity with the open pro-imperialists. Thus, none of their motions or amendments for the congress provide an answer to the reactionary offensive. We have an answer.

Motion: Effective immediately, the EU/NATO supporters like Gregor Gysi, Bodo Ramelow, Caren Lay, Susanne Hennig-Wellsow, Christiane Schneider, Jan van Aken and all others who call for support to the EU and NATO are thrown out of Die Linke.

It is urgently necessary to fight for this now! We propose to every delegate who wants to stand against German imperialism and its open henchmen in Die Linke that they support this motion and submit it to the party congress for a vote.

You don’t have to be a communist to support throwing these pro-imperialists out of the workers movement. But all those who claim to be “revolutionaries” and who stand against this elementary measure of political hygiene for the working class are nothing but frauds and traitors.

—Berlin, 22 June 2022